Martin Castor Peterson

HTL Las Vegas // 2018

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I am always so pleased when an innovative person can take something that appears to be complex and break it down so simply. That is my definition of true genius. I highly recommend his program for anyone wishing to enhance their induction skill-set and open more doors to help others.

C.Ht., N.L.P. Practitioner

I’ve got three words to describe Martin Peterson’s work. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! The thorough explanation and the explicit demonstration make this a must-have for every stage hypnotist wanting to grow in their craft. Highly recommended!

What do the attendees say?

Marsha Starr

Martin helped me changing thoughts and beliefs going back for 30 years. I even used the process with my own clients with tremendious succes and even feel more energized. Martin is the right choice, and you're ging to have a blast.

Ken Guzzo

Ron Soderstrom

Scott Sandland

Stage Hypnotist


When I sat in on Martin’s lecture, I didn’t expect to learn something new. I’ve been doing rapid inductions for almost 15 years and have seen many demonstrations and explanations of how to facilitate a rapid induction. In fact, I’ve even taught them a few times. I like Martin, so I was happy to hang out without any expectations of learning anything significant.

Board of Advisors to the IHF

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Bodylanguage & Pattern Interrupt Class 2014

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Scriptkilling Hypnosis 2015

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