Martin Castor Peterson

HTL Las Vegas // 2017



  • Main Stage Headliner At HTLive 2015
  • A Top 12 Speaker At HTL15 & 16
  • Seminars And Shows Around The World
  • Internationally Award-Winning Trainer
  • Known From Television And Radio
  • Celebrity Hypnotist

Linguistics - Hands-On Experience And Wowing Convincers You Can Use On Hypnosis Skeptics...

Learn and experience what every professional in our field need to know to be a top-notch hypnotist in this carefully prepared, intensive workshop.

We've all been there. A client, a friend, or even a stranger say "Hypnotize me" or "Give me proof". What do you do to convince skeptics that what you do is real and valuable?

I've been working as a hypnotist for almost 20 years, traveling the world as a trainer and performer. I've been on TV and radio as a host and consultant too. For the last 4 years, I've been an expert on an award-winning Danish TV show. My experience has shown to me that we need to build a bridge between hypnosis and mentalism.

Learn to provide the wow factor that will convince anyone. You can be the one who wins over a skeptic convincingly, using powerful techniques that will work for everyone, on stage or at the office. Prepare anyone for a deep trance with awesome convincers, fast hypnosis and mind tricks.

Post conference workshop - August 28th - 30th

Hypnotism & Mentalism


Ken Guzzo & Martin Castor.

Watch how these two friends can differ in approach, yet still share the same passion for hypnosis, and achieve outstanding results! 

If you've been to HypnoThoughts Live before, you surely know Ken and Martin – maybe even for their main stage performances in 2015.

Ken and Martin share their insights and techniques on some of their most successful tools for hypnosis. Both are very successful trainers, and both combine several methods, styles and ways of doing hypnosis into their own unique form.

Benefit from their expertise as they share a variety of angles and takes on hypnosis that you can use to grow and develop as a pioneer – and empower yourself with new skills, mindsets, tools and ideas to help your rise to the top of this business.

This is certain to be a fun ride for two whole days during which you get a chance listen and interact – to really pick their brains.

Hypnotic Excellence with

Pre conference workshop - August 22nd - 23rd.

Martin Castor Peterson Has Been One Of The Most Successful Speakers At HypnoThoughts Live Since 2014

Again this year, Martin offers you power talks on exciting subjects. The full program will be announced soon.

Talks & presentations,

HypnoThoughts LIVE 2017

According to the audience and voters, it was AWESOME.

And as a gift to you, I'm sharing those past insights with you FREE OF CHARGE.

How was it last year?

I am always so pleased when an innovative person can take something that appears to be complex and break it down so simply. That is my definition of true genius. I highly recommend his program for anyone wishing to enhance their induction skill-set and open more doors to help others.

C.Ht., N.L.P. Practitioner

I’ve got three words to describe Martin Peterson’s work. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! The thorough explanation and the explicit demonstration make this a must-have for every stage hypnotist wanting to grow in their craft. Highly recommended!

What do the attendees say?

Marsha Starr

Martin helped me changing thoughts and beliefs going back for 30 years. I even used the process with my own clients with tremendious succes and even feel more energized. Martin is the right choice, and you're ging to have a blast.

Ken Guzzo

Ron Soderstrom

Scott Sandland

Stage Hypnotist


When I sat in on Martin’s lecture, I didn’t expect to learn something new. I’ve been doing rapid inductions for almost 15 years and have seen many demonstrations and explanations of how to facilitate a rapid induction. In fact, I’ve even taught them a few times. I like Martin, so I was happy to hang out without any expectations of learning anything significant.

Board of Advisors to the IHF

Sneak previews?

Bodylanguage & Pattern Interrupt Class 2014

Want to see some of Martin's work from previous years?

Get a free download of the full video content.

Scriptkilling Hypnosis 2015

Castorian Collapse Technique & Hypnotic Bridge from 2016

Martins Agenda for the conference

Pre & post conference classes

August 22nd - 23rd

Hypnotic Excellence

2 Day training with Ken Guzzo & Martin Castor.

August 28th - 30th

Hypnotism Mentalism Special 3 day training

Friday - august 25th - Salon M

From 1:00 pm to 2:50 pm

HNLP & Hypnosis

World class coaching and hypnotherapy.

Sunday - august 27th - Salon D

From 3:30 pm to 4:20 pm

SoulKey Therapy

Real past life regression, life betwwen life and soul therapy.

HTLive conference talks 2017


Only pay a deposit of $100 now, and the rest in three easy installments.

ON TOP OF THAT you will also get:

* Fast Speed Inductions DVD.

   Value $149


Buy both the pre & post workshop with Martin castor and get 1 Year of acces to Martin Castor's

Monthly Online Inner Circle 

Mentoring sessions. Value $1200

2 Day Pre-Conference

Hypnotic Excellence

Simple pricing plans for the conference.




Only pay a deposit of $100 now, and the rest in three easy installments.

ON TOP OF THAT you will also get:

* Fast Speed Inductions DVD.

   Value $149

* Induction Mastery DVD.

   Value $333


Buy both the pre & post workshop with Martin castor and get 1 Year of acces to Martin Castor's

Monthly Online Inner Circle 

Mentoring sessions. Value $1200

3 Day Post-Conference

Hypnotism Mentalism



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